Teaching at Master the Possibilities

Master the Possibilities’ greatest asset is more than 200 faculty who share their time and talents to make each term better and better. Use the information on this page to submit one or more course proposals for future terms at MTP.

Course Proposals

All course proposals require the instructor's acknowledgement and acceptance of the preliminary information we need instructors to understand. 

Click to open preliminary information. 

Please note: teaching courses in certain forums may require additional vetting of the instructor, such as a background check or other review. Should this be necessary, MTP staff will contact the provisional instructor for more information.Please note you must submit one proposal for EACH course you offer.

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Payment for Instruction

Paid instructors must keep a current IRS W-9 form on file with Master the Possibilities. Once complete, please bring or send to the Master the Possibilities office.

Click to open W-9 Form

Distance Learning Instruction

If traveling to Ocala, Florida could negate planning or conducting classes at Master the Possibilities, it is possible to teach remotely or pre-record your course using our Distance Learning platform. Click on the "Contact MTP" button on the main menu (upper right) to inquire.