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Spectacular Summer Science Series

July 2017
By Margaret Spontak

The line-up of science-focused series at Master the Possibilities in July and August are truly remarkable. What better way to showcase the terms’ “Old School, New School” theme than showcasing breakthroughs in everything from military radar systems to cutting-edge medical cancer therapies.

The Innovations in Science Series begins with a Saturday lecture on Graphene Nano Science (July 15) with visiting scholar John H. Hankinson from Georgia Technology Research Institute (GTRI). Hankinson spent his graduate work at Georgia Tech exploring how to use graphene in new and different ways. Over the past decade there has been a great deal of interest in graphene, a two-dimensional allotrope of carbon with exceptional mechanical and electrical properties. Its outstanding mobility, minimal size, and mechanical stability make it an appealing material for use in next generation electronic devices. Be sure to also ask Hankinson about his work on green energy and Mars technology.

That same afternoon, July 15, hear Bob Zannelli discuss Nuclear Power: A Blessing or a Curse? What a great double-header Science Saturday.

The Innovations in Science series continues with Astrophysicist Jerry Heines presenting classes on Exploring the Science Behind Medical Diagnostic Imaging (Aug. 2) and Radar Systems (Aug. 23). Heines designed a number of products for defense and space. Many of his designs continue to fly in space today and are integrated into advanced military systems such as Patriot, Global Hawk, Longbow, Black Hawk and many more. The latter part of his career was spent travelling globally discussing the use of high tech solutions to address various enemy threats.

Then IHMC Research Scientist Kristy Hollingshead shares How Social Media Communications Can Signal Mental Health Concerns (Aug. 24). Hollingshead hopes this research will help provide earlier assessment and treatment of patients in areas such as Alzheimer’s, depression and PSTD.

If you have not participated in the Institute for Human and Mechanical Cognition (IHMC) lecture series at Master the Possibilities, there is still time. Two taped lectures with discussion, No Such Thing as Non-Specific Back Pain (July 11) and Darwinian Medicine (July 25), are followed by a live lecture with Dr. Dominic D’Agostino on Metabolic Therapies (Aug. 8). D’Agostino shares how intermittent fasting and ketone supplementation can starve tumor cells and suppress cancer growth.

Summer is such a good time to step indoors and see a thrilling movie. Why not try one or more from the Science Fiction Film Series beginning on July 25? Elaine Smith shares the details on each movie and then Dr. Marty Hoffert follows with a Wed. discussion on the science behind the films. Call 861-9751 for a list of the movies.

If you have not heard, Great Courses are back at Master the Possibilities. Leona and Robert Vlacancich facilitate a lively discussion after a 30-minute video on The Inexplicable Universe (July 3 and 10).

Delve into science with no tests, no homework - just mind-blowing discoveries delivered by top shelf scientists in your own backyard. Go to for details.

If you need help registering, call us at (352) 861-9751, Mon.-Fri., 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. or visit the office.


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