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Distance Learning


What is Distance Learning?

Distance Learning has to do with structuring classes in several nontraditional ways. In essence, either the instructor, the student, or both may be in a remote location outside the traditional classroom setting. MTP provides courses taught by an instructor from a location outside the classroom so students in the classroom can see and hear the instructor, the presentation, and submit their questions and comments to the instructor. MTP also offers courses that students can take online over the internet. Some of these classes are recorded in advance by the instructor and accessed by students from a computer. Pre-recorded courses can be viewed multiple times during the term, and instructors can provide handouts and opportunities to interact with them online.

How Can I Tell if a Class is a Distance Learning Class?

If you are looking at our catalog online, Distance Learning classes are posted with white backgrounds that state specifically how the class may be attended. If the class is pre-recorded and available online, the location of the course is listed as "Online". For classes where an instructor is at a remote location, the location where a student may attend is listed. That means, the same course may be listed two or more times since there may be two or more locations to attend. The print version of the catalog will have a separate section describing the Distance Learning offerings.

Is Registration Different for Distance Learning than for Classroom Courses?

Only slightly. First, students can register for any combination of classroom and distance learning classes at one time on the same order. The difference is in the information needed to "attend" a distance learning class. For classes students take online, the receipt will contain the login information needed to take the class. It will include the web address (online classes are taken through a Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, etc. browser), and any other information needed to connect to the class. Other classes transmitted to a remote location will indicate the location where the class may be attended. Be sure to register for the section located where you wish to attend.

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